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Augusto Vega obtained his Computing Engineering Degree from the School of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). He's an assistant professor in computer engineering, too. His research interests include computer architecture, distributed and parallel computing, reverse engineering and performance analysis tools and techniques. Also, he's a member of the IEEE.

To known more about him, download the Curriculum Vitae.

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Current Research:
  • A Framework for Studying Simultaneous Multithreading Processors Cache Memories: In the last years, a new processor architecture known as Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT), has been incorporated in new processors, such as the Intel Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading. The execution of concurrent threads in a processor yields questions about the performance of functional units when several execution flows compete for available resources. Cache memory is one of the most stressed components, since the issuing of instructions belonging to concurrent threads generates a competition situation which turns out in a high inter-thread interference. In this dissertation, a new cache organization for multithreaded processors is studied and analyzed. Besides, this thesis contributes with trace collection and simulation tools, and the 4C miss classication model. The PowerPoint presentation is available, too.

  • Tracegrind: We are developing a new Valgrind tool, in order to collect memory references in Simulteneous Multithreading environments (spanish version). The complete source code, including documentation, is available in the followings links:

       tracegrind.tar.bz2 [23Kb]
       README [1Kb]

  • SMT Cache Architecture: We are designing a new cache organization, suitable to Simulteneous Multithreading environments. It's called SWSA-MT (Shared-Way Set Associative - MultiThreading).

  • The SimiOO Project: At present, we are working on an open-source Java framework for trace processing, which can be extended building plug-ins (it's based on the Eclipse's Rich Client Platform). The cache simulation tool is one of many plug-ins being developed.

  • The EasyBot Project: At present, we are working on an open-source Java framework for simulating and controlling mobil agents (like XiOR robots) making use of neural networks.

Previous Research:
  • Microcontroller programming: We built a device that emulate a telephone automatic answer, which can response to remote requests (like switch on/off home appliances, etc.).

  • Algoritmia, Arquitectura de Datos y Programación Estructurada: When this book was published, it was intended as a "header" book to the university programming course. However, it has become in a very useful and consultated publication in many environments. It's very clear and presents the fundamentals of programming (generically in concepts, and with Pascal practical examples). The cover can be seen here.

Here you can find some personal (graduation, family, holiday, etc.) photos.
My Hometown:
I was born in Realicó, a small and beautiful town that is 100 years old!
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Círculo Amigos Todoar email: augustojv at ieee dot org FIUBA