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Faculty of Engineering
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina


> Education

Dr. Physics Universite Scientifique et Medicale de Grenoble, France.
Topic: "Etude de la mobilite dans les alliages liquides Sb-In"
B.Sc. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales.
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentine.


> Current Employment

  • Full member of Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales. President of Engineering Section 2008-2012. Since 2012 alternate membrer of Board of Directors.
  • Emeritus Commission member, UBA (Since 2008)
  • Emeritus Professor - Buenos Aires University - Since 2005.
  • Full Professor, Dept. of Physics, Engineering Faculty, Buenos Aires University (UBA) since 1985.
  • Head of Reaserch and PhD Office, Ingeneering Faculty, Buenos Aires University, Since 2006.
  • Head of Laboratory: Group of Porous Media (Grupo de Medios Porosos). Engineering Faculty, UBA
  • Member of the Science and Technology Center, CONICET(Consejo de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas - National Science Foundation) Category: Principal.
  • Member of Board of Directors, Engineering Faculty, Buenos Aires University (UBA) 2002-

> Awards and Fellowships

  • Award Rebeca Gershman 2011 from Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnologia e Innovacion Productiva, in Engineering area.
  • Designation “International laboratory associated” (CONICET-CNRS) of Porous Media Group in Fluid Mechanics Network, 2010.
  • Emeritus Commission member, UBA, since 2008. Renewed 2010.
  • JuryPor la mujer en la ciencia” national awards, UNESCO-CONICET-L’Oreal, 2008 and 2010.
  • Jury International of the UNESCO/ L´Oreal Awards “Women in Physics” (Material Science), 2003
  • Research Program from Education Ministry: First Category.
  • Program of External Evaluations of the Scientific and Technological Activities (University of Buenos Aires): excellence level, 2002.
  • Award: Laboratory of Oustanding Performance for the Development of Technological Resourses Program, (Fundación Rocca) Techint, April 2001.
  • Award Stichting Fundation (Schlumberger Company, Ridgfield, USA: Physics of Oil Recovery), 1994.
  • Nomination “International Woman of the Year” (International Biographical Centre- Cambridge- England, 1997).
  • Preselection Award from Helena Rubinstein Foundation, 1997
  • Research Board of Advisors- American Biographical Institute Inc., USA since 1997.
  • U.B.A.Scientific and Technological Production Award (1992/93/94/95/96).
  • “Who is Who in Science and Engineering" (1993/94/99).
  • Bourse de Haute Niveau, French Foreign Affairs, 1969/1972

> Contributions

The orientation of the research carried out was towards the study and understanding of the behaviour of different experimental conditions of fluids with non linear response.
This activity led to the creation of a laboratory —the first in Argentina— in order to experimentally study flows and fluid-surface interactions. Thus researchers were trained at a high level, original techniques were implemented, and new high-precision experiments were designed, all of which resulted in the laboratory being awarded several national and international prizes.
In almost all the subjects studied, the analytical tools were transport coefficients. In the case of fluids (miscible or immiscible) moving in porous media or in Hele-Shaw cells, dispersion quotients were sought, studying their possible departure from classic solutions such as information on fluid-wall interaction or disturbed interfaces. In the case of complex fluids, an important line of research was opened in order to analyse non-linear phenomena such as hydrodynamic instabilities, studied mainly from the point of view of the influence of rheology in the phenomenon.
Furthermore, in relation to hydrodynamic instabilities the following phenomena were studied successively:

    • Taylor-Couette (wide gap) first equipment built in Latin America.
    • Taylor Couette with lateral flow.
    • Viscous "Fingering", its evolution, its dependence on rheology. Conditions for the appearance of fractal structures. Digitations by density.
    • "Fingering" in heterogeneous systems. Instability of interfaces (printer instability): evolution and structure.

The techniques used, rarely of large equipment, varied from acquisition and analysis of images, to the implementation of chemical reactions to introduce radioactive tracers in polymer molecules.
Moreover, in a collaborative effort, related problems to mathematical models applied to new fields: anomalous diffusion and statistical models; fractional derivatives applied to anomalous diffusion, Farey-type trees (mathematical models) applied to video feedback experiments, fractals and multifractal spectra, DLA growth applied to polymer solutions, are studied.


> Publications

  • “Spray con soluciones poliméricas”. M.Rosen. X Simposio Argentino de Polímeros 28-30 de agosto, Buenos Aires (2013).
  • “Estudio y control en la formación de gotas en canales microfluídicos”. M.Freytes, G.Bertone, M.Rosen. XII Reunión de Fluidos y sus Aplicaciones, 5, 6 y 7 de noviembre, Buenos Aires (2012).
  • “Recubrimientos con sistemas vibrantes”. Matías Plana, Marta Rosen. XII Reunión de Fluidos y sus Aplicaciones, 5, 6 y 7 de noviembre, Buenos Aires  (2012).
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  • “El fenómeno de eyección de gotas: caso de un fluido macromolecular”. M.Rosen y B.Basso. Anales Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, Tomo 63 (2011): 99-106. ISSN 0365-1185.
  • Participation by invitation in Taller Nano Ingeniería 2011 with the presentation of two conferences: “Emulsiones en microcanales” and “Recubrimientos por spray” (2011). Rosen M.
  • “Spray formation with complex fluids”. S.Lustig, M.Rosen. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) 296 (2011) 012019. 9 pages. ( ISSN 1742-6588 (Print), ISSN 1742-6596 (Online).
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