MSN Client 3.5*

A hack over the Alberto Bertogli's client

MSN Client 3.5:

I've started to use the Alberto Bertogli's MSN Client on his 3.4 version.
When I used the client for the first time, I noted some useful features that the client could have and I've been working on this.
I've written or contributed on an important part of the 3.5 release, but some latest features I've implemented weren't included at this official release.

MSN Client 3.5*:

This is my own version of the 3.5 version released by Alberto Bertogli; the differences between the 3.5 and the 3.5* are: When I've started to write the MSNCP, I didn't want to inherit the non internationalizated format in the date's log.

MSN Client 3.5* download:

You can dowload the complete tar.gz package of the MSN Client 3.5 with the * patch here.
You also can download the patch to manualy apply it from here.
The diffs between the 3.5 and the 3.5* are only on the msn and the msnrc.sample; you can download only this modified files and replace the old ones.

MSN Client 3.5* and MSNCP:

The MSNCP is completly compatible with the MSN Client 3.5* but it isn't compatible with the MSN Client 3.5. The hard incompatibility is on the log files on the three (*) marked items at the MSN Client 3.5* section, and the clients are not interchangeable.
If you are a MSN Client 3.5 (or any previus version) user and you want to use both the MSNCP and the MSN Client, please, use the MSN Client 3.5* unless the changes on the date formatting will be applied on the official branch.
If you use the MSNCP and the MSN Client 3.5 (or less) over the same history dir your log files will be corrupted.


The MSN Client 3.5* will not have any mantaining; the real project is on the official branch.
I'll publish newest patches if the MSN Client has new releases, buy I'll not write new code or new features.
The MSN Client 3.5* is only to make the
MSNCP client compatible with the MSN Client.
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