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PyOpenGL Escher's Relativity

This project is licensed under the GNU's GPL license.

Crossplatform; requires Python and PyOpenGL to run.


PyOpenGL Escher's Relativity is a first-person three-dimensional graphical application that reproduces M.C.Escher's picture, Relativiteit (Relativity). It was programmed by Sebastián Santisi as a final work for the class "Sistemas Gráficos" (Graphical Systems) at university.

The application was written in Python using exclusively the the PyOpenGL library's functionalities. No other external tool were used to model the scene. It is multiplatform and was tested under Mesa as much as under native OpenGL.


pyopengl_eschers_relativity-0.1.0-beta (tar.gz, ~60KB)


Documentation (Spanish)

Informe completo del trabajo (PDF, ~169KB)

©2007-07-22 by Sebastián Santisi (s (at) ntisi.com.ar)